Godzilla of Nosework

Today was Clark’s debut at K9 Nosework.  When we did nosework-like activities in previous training classes, he spent a lot of time staring at me instead of sniffing boxes, so Z and I were both prepared for more of the same.  But there must have been some little neuron in that brain that remembered the fun that came when he eventually got around to sniffing the boxes, because this time, he was READY.  SO READY.



He zoomed over to the box pile and started sniffing, stomping, and scooting the boxes around looking for that sweet, sweet hot dog.


Note that the box is no longer touching the ground…

He even tried to climb in a couple boxes–just to be extra thorough?  I don’t know.


I had to remind him that he’s a beefy pit bull, and not a little box-sized corgi.

In any case, my low expectations were blown out of the water.  Pit bulls may not be known for their noses, or their brains, but they bring a zest for life like no other dog.  Clark showed today that he will search, and search with ENTHUSIASM.


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